Contrast of the Week: Apple Down, RIM Up

Ever since Apple cracked $700, it’s been in decline. It dropped below a $500 billion market cap in November for the first time since March. It was once worth more than $650 billion, before losing a staggering $100 billion in valuation in a single month.

It’s still up on the year—it started at only $413—so it’s far from a doom-and-gloom scenario, at least for long-term investors. But it’s interesting to watch the contrast between Apple, who sells 12 million iOS devices per month, and Waterloo’s Research In Motion, who this year was pronounced dead by numerous critics and media outlets.

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RIM shares have rallied every single day this week, climbing from below $11 to above $14. But forget weeks, let’s talk about quarters. It was only in late September that the stock was trading for a shockingly low $6 per share. The BlackBerry maker has more than doubled its market cap in less than three months—a sharp contrast to Apple’s three-month, 26% sink.

How much further will Apple fall? How much higher will RIM climb? And which makes the better investment today?