Apple Design Genius Jony Ive on Working with Tim Cook and Handling Consumer Impatience

Apple under Tim Cook is a different animal, some argue. Apple under Tim Cook hasn’t changed one iota, others insist.

While both statements likely hold partial truth, one constant at Apple that has carried over from the Steve Jobs era is Jony Ive, its head of design. Ive, who has as much power and freedom within Apple as any C-suite executive in any major corporation can have, granted a rare interview to The New York Times, in which he discussed working under Cook’s leadership and dealing with the perpetual and impatient demands of Apple consumers and investors.

“Heading on for two decades working with Tim, one of the things I have always admired is the quiet consideration he gives to trying to understand how he perceives something,” Ive told the NYT. “He will take the time. I think that testifies to the fact that he knows it’s important.”

On building the next great product, Ive confessed that “it is hard for us all to be patient,” but affirmed that “I don’t think anything’s changed.”

“People felt exactly the same way when we were working on iPhone,” he explained. “The iPhone was broadly dismissed. The iPod was broadly dismissed. The iPad was probably more copiously written off as a large iPod.”

“One of the things different between us and some of our competitors is we just focus on the product, developing good products,” Ive added.