Apple launches revamps MacBook Pros with Thunderbolt, unveils new features from upcoming Lion OSX

Despite an iPad 2 media event happening in just a week, Apple went ahead and made headlines today with a dual-unveiling: its new line of MacBook pros and new features of Lion OSX, its operating system it will launch sometime this summer.

MacBook Pros

The MacBook Pros have been given power boosts via quad core Intel Core i7 processors on the higher end models, with the 13″ being available with up to i7 dual core — respectable upgrades. They’ve also been given superior graphics cards, and iSight is now “Facetime HD,” allowing for high-def video calling and photo taking.

But perhaps the most noteworthy revamp, or rather, new addition, is Thunderbolt.

From Apple’s website:

Imagine accessing multiple streams of uncompressed HD video — from your notebook — at speeds that let you edit an HD feature film in real time. That’s how Thunderbolt technology will connect the next generation of high-performance peripherals to the next generation of computers — starting with MacBook Pro. Ultrafast and ultraflexible, the Thunderbolt pipeline is more than 12 times faster than FireWire 800 and up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0, and it offers unprecedented expansion capabilities. It changes what you can do on a notebook.

Of course, few things are ever as amazing as Apple is able to make them sound in theory, but Thunderbolt—formerly called Light peak, and really more Intel’s innovation than Apple’s—should allow MacBook users to do some neat things once the port becomes more widely adopted.

Prices remain sky-high at $1,250 to $1,550 for 13 inches, $1,850 to $2,250 for 15 inches, and a staggering $2,500 for the 17 inch model. (And that’s before any extra goodies you want to configure into the computer.)

Mac OS X Lion. The power of Mac OS X. The magic of iPad.

Lion OSX

Some of the new features unveiled for the forthcoming Lion OSX include an upgraded version of Mail, an Auto Save feature for documents, and Resume, which pulls up apps exactly how you left them after quitting an app or restarting your computer. Complementing Auto Save is Versions, which automatically saves successive versions of your documents, allowing you to go back to a past version to edit it or use it. Also cool is AirDrop, a wireless copying of files from one Mac to another with zero setup.

Still no word on the price of a specific launch date.