Apple May be Testing a New Touchscreen for Next iPhone

This new year started with a whirlwind of Apple rumours, the most prominent of which involve the notion that Apple is already testing a new iPhone (dubbed the iPhone 6, not 5S) and iOS 7.

That really doesn’t mean much to us—Apple is probably testing their smartphones and software year-round—but now we’ve learned that the world’s largest technology company could be using a new touchscreen for said iPhone 6. That added detail certainly makes the rumours a little more interesting.

According to The China Times, Apple plans to adopt new touch panels with “Touch on Display” technology for the next-gen iPhone. Apple’s iPhone 5 uses in-cell technology that reportedly has experienced problems with the recognition of rapid diagonal swiping on the screen, which may be a driving force behind Apple’s decision to switch things up.

Bonus rumour: the iPhone 6 will come in a variety of vibrant colours, a la iPod Touch. But we’re pretty sure we’ve been hearing that one for years now.

Photo: Flickr, Sean MacEntee