Apple nixes free bumpers for iPhone 4s, shortens return period, and resurrects ‘restocking fee’

After critical turbulence over the iPhone 4’s reception issues, Apple eased consumers’ pains by offering free bumper cases, doubling their return policy from 14 days to a full month, and terminating a “restocking fee” (where returns carry a penalty of 10%).

Well, that’s soon about to change.


Effective the First of October, iPhones will no longer include free bumpers, the return policy will be brought back to 14 days, and the restocking fee will be in full swing.

Apple says those who experience the iPhone 4’s now infamous “antennagate” can call Apple Support and request a free case.

I can already see Steve Jobs getting emailed over this, to which he will reply in his signature, terse manner: “We just don’t care anymore.”

So if you want an iPhone, better get it in the next 2 weeks!