Apple Reinvents Notebook with New MacBook in Gold

Apple today announced a new MacBook, available in gold.

Weighing just two pounds, the new MacBook is just 13.1mm thin. Apple CEO Tim Cook says it has “reinvented” the notebook product category with this product launch.

A new all-metal enclosure and a new keyboard with “butterfly mechanism” keys are part of a slew of reimagined technology to improve the MacBook. The butterfly keys are four times more stable yet 40% thinner than standard scissor mechanism keys, Apple says. The keyboard even features a new lighting system with individual lights per key.



The new MacBook boasts a 12-inch Retina display.

The trackpad, now called “ForceTouch,” features new sensors and a Taptic engine, such as the Apple Watch features. Pressing harder is now a “Force click,” which seems to be the right right-click, but can also control things like fast-forwarding videos based on how much pressure your finger applies.



The new MacBook, which has a 67% smaller logic board, is also the first fanless Apple notebook. It is powered by an Intel Core M processor that runs on five watts.

The battery will last for nine hours of web browsing, according to Apple. The MacBook will now be available in three colours: silver, Space Gray, and gold.

Starting at $1299 with 8GB memory and a 256GB SSD, the new MacBook will ship April 10.