Apple Unveils Process Behind Crafting Its $10,000 ‘Edition’ Watch

Apple has released a new video in which senior vice-presient of design Jony Ive explains how the company’s forthcoming “Edition” watch, with a price tag of $10,000 and up, is made.

The watch’s signature case is made from 18-karat solid gold, alloyed with silver, copper, and palladium to be “up to twice as hard as standard gold,” according to Ive, thanks to “a new hardening process developed by our metallurgists.”

Molten gold is cast into solid ingots, which are milled to remove imperfections, then compressed to a fraction of their original size to create pore-free billets, Ive says. Each case is “hand-polished to an immaculate sheen by high-skilled jewelry artisans,” according to the design guru.

The Apple Watch launches next month. The Sport starts at $350, while the standard watch will start at $500.