Is the Apple Watch Secure Enough? Nah, Not Really

Some critics are arguing that Apple Watches—and in fact, smartwatches as a product category—are insufficiently secure, given that they can potentially store as much private data as a smartphone or tablet might.

Currently there isn’t anything to stop a lost or stolen Apple Watch from being wiped clean and paired with a new iPhone, for example. The Apple Watch is protected somewhat by a passcode, but not Activation Lock, a security feature found on iPhones and iPads, as detailed in a post on iDownloadBlog. Activation Locks prevents thieves from merely wiping a device and attaching it to a new account.

Another problem is that the Apple Watch can’t be geo-tracked using Find My iPhone like other iOS and even OSX devices can be.

Combine these concerns with the fact that the watch is a very expensive and highly visible item and you have a potential issue: it’s perhaps the most tempting device for thieves Apple has ever developed.

Activation Lock—or something to similar effect—is surely something Apple is working on for the watch. After all, after the feature was introduced for the iPhone, theft dropped by up to 40% in US cities and up to 50% in UK cities. However, Apple has not yet commented on the possibility of this feature being added.