Apple’s App Store Reaches 800,000 Apps According to Canadian Startup AppHero

Last week, BlackBerry unveiled that its next-gen mobile platform, BB10, now boasts 100,000 mobile apps in its ecosystem.

And while that’s an impressive number considering the age of BB10, it appears that Apple has reached a milestone of its own: 800,000 apps. According to Canadian startup AppHero, the 1,720-day-old App Store achieved the number today.


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AppHero says that there are 690,000 iPhone apps and 333,000 iPad apps (universal apps account for the overlap), and those apps—56% of which are free—have been built by a total of 207,000 developers, the average of which has released 3.8 apps.

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Check out more App Store stats from Toronto’s AppHero in the infographic below.