Apple’s iPad Accounts for 98% of All Mobile Web Traffic on Tablets

Even though the iPad is slowly losing marketshare in the global tablet space, there are still categories where it dominates so thoroughly, you have to wonder if people are even using the non-Apple tablets they apparently buy.

According to a report from Onswipe, the iPad accounts for more than 98% of all mobile web traffic on tablets. This is higher than the 91% established by other reports earlier this year.

That’s incredibly impressive. And yet it may not be the most impressive statistic to come out of Onswipe’s report.

According to the data, the iPad also accounts for over 54% of all mobile web traffic—including smartphones. Think about that for a moment.

Smartphones have been able to browse the web since the early days of BlackBerrys nearly a decade ago. The iPhone was released in 2007. And Google’s Android platform hit store shelves in 2008. The iPad didn’t arrive until 2010, and even then, smartphones outsold it by a vast margin (and still do). Yet the iPad single-handedly represents over half of all mobile web traffic.

It’s clear Apple has created an enjoyable browsing experience, even on smartphones. The iPhone represents 19% of all mobile web traffic, by far the most of any smartphone.