Apple’s iPhone 4 reception issues continue to garner unwanted publicity; comics get in on it

By now, everyone is well aware of the problem that has plagued Apple’s American launch of the heavily hyped iPhone 4. It’s gone viral on social media, and just recently the highly trusted Consumer Reports gave it the cold shoulder. Now, even cartoonists are getting in on it. Rudy Park, a daily comic by Darrin Bell an Theron Heir, follows the lives of some unique characters—the main of which, Rudy, is an apple fanatic. The comic often dances around topics of Apple fanaticism and the pop culture of techies. Today’s comic has frequent antagonist Sadie Cohen purchase an iPhone specifically to rub the phone’s reception issues in Rudy’s face.


As time winds down to the Canadian launch, and Apple remains largely silent, the country is wondering: will we get the fix? Or will bumpers, cases, and tape become necessary accessories for our mobile devices? Nobody knows as of yet, but what’s certain is that Sadie would have a field day if the latter occurred.