Applications Open for Lead to Win

Calling all technology entrepreneurs, especially those that are or recently got laid-off in Ottawa! Applications for the Lead to Win program are now open. The program is free and for those that are selected (30 in total), each person is expected to establish a technology business that can employ at least six workers over the next three years.

Lead to Win is a great initiative for our region and we are pleased to support the program,” stated Larry O’Brien, Mayor of the City of Ottawa. There is a proven recipe here. This is precisely the sort of innovative action that takes the current economic situation and turns it into a compelling opportunity for growth.

For the first part, the participants will be selected based on their experience, commitment, and opportunity.

In the second phase, you participate in an intense six-day training program where you will learn how to lever business ecosystems, profitably serve attractive vertical markets, and the key factors that contribute to the ultimate success of a fledgling technology company.

Upon completion of this second phase, the participants will be invited to launch a new technology business in the Ottawa region. In the third phase, the program helps to strategically connect the businesses to revenue opportunities, individuals, companies and organizations that can provide requisite resources, including capital. You keep all rights over your business. Space is limited, so apply today! Lead to Win is sponsored by the City of Ottawa, Talent First Network and Carleton University.