Apply now to be crowned Canadian Innovation Leader

The Canadian Innovation Exchange’s lineup is taking shape and it’s a veritable who’s who of investors in innovation. Sir Terry Matthews, Paul Kedrosky, and Microsoft Research’s Bill Buxton will be delivering keynotes and the CIX Top 20 will have their chance to impress the VC-heavy audience as their pitch their way to the Canadian Innovation Leader crown.

At last year’s event, Toronto-based startup Octopz top the top spot and Montreal’s Akoha Inc. nabbed the runner up spot.

It’s not too late to throw your innovative startup into the mix and apply to showcase your company in Toronto on December 2nd.

CIX conducts an exhaustive search for the most innovative ideas, products, services and companies in the country. Each year 20 technology and clean technologies are selected via a qualified Selection Committee to showcase their innovative product and services in front of the CIX community. Each of the selected 20 will be asked to deliver a seven-minute presentation live on stage at CIX.  Recognized industry experts will act as Judges, evaluating the merit of their product or service and giving constructive feedback and guidance. 
The CIX community present at the event will vote for the CIX 2009 Award for “Canadian Innovation Leader”.

The CIX Top 20 is open to all Canadian companies who consider themselves, their product, technology or service to be innovative in the fields of clean technologies, information technology and digital media. Get your application in now if you’re interested.