Apps for Apes Will Allow Orangutans at Toronto Zoo to Monkey Around with iPads [Video]

Non-profit organization Orangutan Outreach is going techie on us. It’s developed a program called Apps for Apes, and the title is literal. The program uses Apple iPads to stimulate creativity and cure boredom among zoo-kept primates.

The program didn’t originate in Canada, but it will be coming to the Toronto Zoo, giving apes a chance to—ahem—monkey around with Apple’s renowned tablet. While a primate isn’t apt to get a high score on Angry Birds due to biological limitations, they’re still a very smart species and intellectually curious about today’s technology.

There are plenty of ways the mobile device could enrich these animals’ lives beyond just playing games, though. For example, an iPad at the Toronto zoo would allow Puppe, an elder female orangutan, to communicate via skype with Jane, her offspring that she hasn’t yet seen. 

Photo: Orangutan Outreach