Apricado Looks To Disrupt the Online Music Industry

Victoria-based Apricado has an ambitious goal in mind. The company is set to take on the indie music industry by offering musicians a one-of-a-kind service.

What sets this new start-up apart from ‘all the rest’? Emphasis is being placed on 80% revenue-sharing with the artist. This is unheard in the current music environment. Furthermore, the service promises to break down other traditional barriers to entry in the space. Namely, artists can quickly set up a store in under 5 minutes, at no cost.

Simple storefronts also reduce barriers for fans looking to support their favourite indie artist(s). All tracks are 99 cent downloads, or free if the artist so chooses. Artists are compensated on a quartlery basis via Paypal.

All tracks are DRM-free, eliminating headaches and hassles for the fans. Artists can market their music via social networks or blogs using an Apricado widget. These embedabble storefronts will facilitate widespread exposure and awareness.

Apricado is still in its very early stages. A BETA is not yet available. The company assures me that screenshots will be coming soon.

The company behind Apricado is Animikii, creators of the popular CMS service YikeSite.