April giveaway winners… so far

The month is almost over.  But not quite.  April ends in a few days.  And so does one of our more popular giveaways.

If you still want to win a Flip check out the Flip blog post.

In the meantime, imagine if your name was…

Adil.  You could have won a ticket to the popular meshu.  Here is a portion of Adil’s winning entry:

Aza is just a piece of the pie of why I’d really appreciate the opportunity of going to MeshU though. We could talk about the great speakers and the environment, but I want to meet the people. Based on the guiding philosophy of the conference, it’s not hard to conclude that the attendees are going to be a dynamic and down to earth bunch. The accumulative potential in the room is off the charts and I’d love to be a contributing data point.

Dwight.  He won a brand new Sony Ericsson X1.  He wants us to talk to Tony Lacavera, Chairman of WIND Mobile.

Sheila.  She’s been attending FITC since Saturday.  Free of course.

So, don’t let April end without you being a winner