Aquatic Informatics and the Canary Derby

Techvibes is a media sponsor of the Vancouver Canary Derby on June 27th. 

No, this isn’t all about fish tanks and bird cages – it’s about a high-technology company and its involvement with the second annual Vancouver Canary Derby. Let me explain…

Aquatic Informatics, around since 1998 and currently based in Gastown, builds software solutions that help water agencies turn large data sets into useful information. Their main product, AQUARIUS, makes large water and environmental data sets easier to visualize, correct, analyze and report. For example, Water Survey Canada and the United States Geological Survey use AQUARIUS to determine how much water is flowing in rivers and streams across the country, what the water quality characteristics of that water are and what important trends are evident for the future.

“We believe in community involvement and believe that the Canary Foundation does great work focused on the prevention and early detection of cancer, which is so important to fighting this disease long-term” espouses Dave Ferguson, VP of Business Development for Aquatic Informatics. Not only is community involvement a high priority in the Aquatic Informatics culture, but so is the creative intensity that is being poured into their highly engineered go-kart, “We are in the Derby to win the speed category. We have built the cart to match the weight restrictions precisely so who drives the cart will depend on how much each person has eaten the day before the race. The number of hours invested in the engineering and design of the AI cart is a closely guarded corporate secret and could only be shared under strict NDA.” With that being said, the derby team is working hard at raising funds using a very clever method that would be near and dear to many a high-tech firm, “Although we will go the usual friends and family route, we expect to raise the most money by charging $1 per shot for each espresso served by the coffee machine in our office.”

When Mr. Ferguson was asked if he had any challenges for the other participating derby teams he only had one thing to say…”Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Dave, we are.