Are Companies Allowed to Track Employees with GPS in Canada? Privacy Watchdog Says Yes

Do you like the idea of your employer being able to track your every movement via GPS?

Probably not. But an adjudicator with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner says that, under certain circumstances, it’s reasonable for a company to monitor employees using GPS technology.

Members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors complained that ThyssenKrupp Elevator Ltd. and Kone Inc. were tracking employees via GPS, which they argued was an illegal intrusion into their personal privacy. But BC’s privacy watchdog says it’s reasonable for companies to use GPS technology to ensure workers are where they say they are, to manage staff, and/or to confirm billing.

ThyssenKrupp attaches GPS devices to work vehicles, while Kone goes so far as issuing employees GPS-enabled smartphones.

The only concern the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner was that ThyssenKrupp did not provide adequate notice to workers regarding GPS tracking. The company has been ordered to stop using GPS on employees until it informs its staff properly.