Are fraud concerns keeping Canadians wary of shopping online?

Online shopping can be remarkably convenient, saving you both time and money. But fraud concerns are significantly more present than shopping in physical stores, particularly for those not well versed in the dangers of the digital space.

Fortunately, according to a recent Ispos Reid poll conducted on behalf of Visa Canada, most of us seem to be pretty smart (and therefore safe). However, some confessed to making some of the most infamous mistakes that can lead to bad situations: a staggering 11 percent of polled Canadians sent credit card information by email, five percent gave credit information by phone on calls they didn’t initiate, and one percent sent credit card information by text message.

The contrast between online and in-store shopping security is astounding, if you go by Canadians’ belief: 94 percent believe using a credit or debit card at a store is either very or somewhat safe, but only 63 percent believe the same about doing so online, with just 14 percent going with “very safe.” Interestingly, though, online wasn’t the least safe—in fact, it was the second most safe. Mail, over the phone, and via mobile device were all considered less safe methods of paying than online. 

Security concerns, by way of landslide, are the number one reason some Canadians avoid shopping online, but there is reassurance from an expert that most Canadians can be—and, in fact, are—confident in the safety of shopping online and reaping the benefits.

“Canadians are becoming quite savvy with their payment cards and it’s paying off—credit card fraud rates are at historic lows,” said Gord Jamieson, Head of Payment System Risk, Visa  Canada .