Are You a Change Agent? GROW Accepting Proposals for Conference Speakers

The GROW Conference is returning to Vancouver for the third year in a row and Debbie Landa is kicking it up a notch.

Landa is expecting over 800 attendees and another top-notch speaker line-up talking about disrupting the status quo.

They’re currently accepting proposals for speakers who are rethinking how business is done.

So if you’re a “Change Agent” within a well-known corporation (think Google, Facebook, and HootSuite) or the founder of an innovatiive, well known, web-based company, apply now. 

What could you talk about? Compelling stories of successes and lessons learned will surely resonate with the startup-savvy GROW audience. Some of last year’s memorable speakers included HootSuite’s Ryan Holmes, who explained why he kept his startup in Vancouver over Silicon Valley, and StockTwits CEO Howard Lindzon.