Are You a Start Up in BC? This is Where You Can Get Some Cash- Part 1

You have a great idea. You have a partner. You have friends in the right places. BUT. You don’t have money to make it all happen.  HOWEVER. You live in BC.  What can you do to try to get some cash infusion (yes, they are still investing in good ideas, even during these tough economic times)?  I’m starting a series on possible places where you can apply for funding.  If I miss any, let me know.

New Ventures BC

This competition lets you turn your new technology idea into a profitable company, like Teampages and Bean Services did last year.

A “new venture” is a business idea that is economically viable, but has not yet secured significant financing from “outside investors” (ie. investors other than friends, family, and company founders). It must be an innovative product or service involving a new technology.

For a small fee of $100, you can enter to win over $100,000 package inclusive of mentor sessions, workshops and all the bells and whistles.  What do you need?  A privately held company in BC that has NOT been incorporated for 5 years.  You want to build a for profit and viable business and you have less than half a million dollars of equity that was raised from non-investors. 

You must also meet ONE of the following requirements: You must have a new technology product, service or come up with a completely new technological innovation and you are in early stage development.  For complete contest and eligibility rules visit their site. Deadline: April 20, 2009. See last year’s blog post about the winners here.