Are you ready for Nuit Blanche?

Blackberry Night Navigator AppFinally an app that doesn’t discriminate, yes folks everyone from Blackberry to iPhone to Android can enjoy this Nuit Blanche – foursquare-like app called “Night Navigator“.

Once downloaded, the app attempts to pinpoint your location, but if you’re too far from the action (like Mississauga) then it defaults to the Yonge and Bloor area.

There are 6 different tabs on the main screen, the “discover” tab appears to be the most helpful. It lists out all 130 projects, titles and locations so that you can easily search through as well as find those that around you by clicking on “around me.”  You can also search projects by name and distance plus it tells you how far it is from your current location.

Further browsing showed that you can share real time pictures by clicking on “submit photo” which connects to your phone camera and places your picture alongside other Nuit Blanche pictures. There is also, of course, the twitter feed “snbTO” that can be viewed.

New this year to Nuit Blanche is a voting contest involving iPad prizes!

Send your photos, comments and favourite moments, and then watch the real-time interaction as the night unfolds online and on large screens at the event. Find out how you can participate here. SCOTIABANK PEOPLE’S CHOICE On October 2nd cast a vote for your Scotiabank People’s Choice favourite art project, and you could win one of 6 Apple iPads or 1 of 50 pre-paid Visa cards. Find out how here.

Its a nifty app that is definitely worth the download especially for those that are doing a spontaneous night. The only downside I could find was that it doesn’t connect to foursquare, so you have to go into foursquare and check-in separately.