Are you surprised that a third of Canadians pick the Internet over sex?

It’s unquestionable that the web has proliferated the way we engage with, consume and share information. Being connected virutally is no longer a choice and is at the crux of how we conduct our lives at a macro and micro level. According to a study conducted by Yahoo! Inc and led by marketing and media vetran Heather Cabot (formerly an ABC news anchor, now of Yahoo! Inc and founder of, Canadians would willingly give up sex over the internet if asked to make a decision between the two.

Some other stats from the report include:

  • 30% of Canadians say their jobs would be impossible today without the Internet.
  • Most people change their passwords less than once a month. Over one quarter never do! Men tend to change passwords more frequently than women.
  • 18% of Canadians go online on a weekly basis via a smart phone device or other mobile device. Managing bank accounts (56%) and paying bills (44%) are the top financial related activities conducted via the internet on a weekly basis. Men (38%) and women (36%) both tend to believe they are the primary bill managers for their household.
  • 33% of Canadians check their email as soon as they wake up.

On August 11th, Techvibes will be sitting down with Cabot to discuss these findings in more depth and learn about the future of the web within the lives of Canadians.