This Arsenal of 11 Apps Will Streamline the Workflow of Any Modern Entrepreneur

Apps are changing the way we do business. The right mix of apps can allow us to get work done from anywhere, increase our efficiency, and eliminate old-fashioned office equipment and endless paper trails. But with millions of apps at our disposal, you can waste a lot of time weeding through useless apps in search of those that will make your life easier.

The good news is you can essentially run your entire business from your smartphone. However, as an entrepreneur, you definitely don’t have time to read an app review, let alone test out multiple apps. I’ve done the research and heavy lifting for you and put together my favorite apps for staying organized, managing finances, planning travel, and more.


Box for Secure Document Sending

Box lets you send, edit, store and manage more than 300 file types securely within the cloud. What sets Box apart from most cloud storage apps is the ability to edit and collaborate within documents.

Genius Scan for Scanning Documents on the Go

Genius Scan lets you take a photo of a document and then converts the photo into a PDF. From there, you can email the PDF or upload it to Box, which integrates with Genius Scan.

Expensify for Paperless Expense Tracking

Expensify lets you track all of your expenses and create expense reports. You can take photos of receipts with your phone, so there’s no need to hang onto all of those receipts on your next business trip. Plus, the app integrates with other finance tools, such as QuickBooks and Xero.

QuickBooks Online for Invoicing

If you’re already using QuickBooks for your business, the QuickBooks app is a must-have for viewing your account data, invoicing customers, and keeping track of all those expenses you uploaded from Expensify. Other options include FreshBooks and Kashoo.

FedEx Office for Printing

No matter how tech-savvy we get, sometimes you still need to actually print out documents. The FedEx Office app makes it easy to coordinate mobile printing at the nearest FedEx location, which can be a life saver if you have any last-minute printing needs while you’re away from the office.

Timeful for Finding Extra Time

Timeful is the perfect app for scheduling all the non-critical tasks you never seem to have time for. The app digs through your calendar to find precious free blocks of time, such as a 30-minute window between meetings, for you to take care of these tasks. 

Any.Do for Task Management

Create “to do” lists and set reminders with Any.Do. This app has a simple interface and syncs across devices. You can also share and delegate your to-dos with your staff, which any entrepreneur can surely appreciate.

Fantastical for Calendar Management

Fantastical integrates with a variety of calendar platforms to display your schedule in a beautiful, easy-to-scan layout on all your Mac devices.

TripIt for Organizing Travel Details

Once you have TripIt set up, it will recognize any of your confirmation emails from more than 3,000 booking and travel sites. It weeds out your travel details from these emails and pulls them into app so you can access every flight, hotel, and car booking within the app.

Skyscanner for Finding Flights

Why look at countless travel sites for airfare when you can search multiple sites at once? Skyscanner searches millions of flights to find the best flights, routes and times. You can also search for hotels and car rentals on the app.

Google Translate for Overcoming Language Barriers

If you do a lot of international travel or even if you just communicate with a lot of foreign-speaking clients, Google Translate can save you from feeling lost in translation. One of the neatest features is its ability to translate signs (just snap a photo) and audio, including real-time conversations.

The right arsenal of apps can help you streamline how you work to help you get more done no matter where you are. Apps are one of the smartest ways to manage your work life and remain productive even when you’re not in the office. Once you find the right mix of apps, you’ll be living the entrepreneur’s dream of less stress and more efficiency.