As of One Minute Ago, YouTube Looks Completely Different

Google’s YouTube service just got a complete makeover.

In arguably its biggest revamp ever, YouTube is shifting gears to become more like television on the internet. A totally new homepage will place video subscriptions front and centre and pull video recommendations from social networks.

There will be a noticeably greater emphasis on channel subscriptions on the pages of video publishers, as well as a refined focus on filtering and curation. YouTube’s goal is to dramatically increase the average length of time someone spends on the website. Right now, a user spends about 15 minutes on the site—but the Google subsidiary wants it to be more like television, which glues eyes to the screen for hours on end.

The overall look and feel will appear more integrated with Google’s other properties for a unified aesthetic. The homepage will feature an activity stream like social networks. There will also be some technical or performance-related changes, such as a grey background on video pages that is designed to be less distracting than the site’s current stark white.

Most of these changes are planned to be implemented right… about… now.