As Technology for Self-Driving Cars Advances, is It What We Want?

Canadians are evenly split on their desire for a driverless car, suggest the findings of a survey on attitudes toward the technology.

According to Kanetix, one in four cannot wait for the day that driverless cars will be available,but almost as many say no thanks—they love driving too much.

“With companies like Google and major auto manufacturers obtaining permits to test autonomous technologies, these vehicles could be a reality in the next few years,” said Andrew Lo, Chief Marketing Officer and Tech Expert at “While it is fun to imagine the possibilities these innovations present, we wanted to find out from Canadian consumers how they truly felt about the possibility of sharing the road with self-driving cars.”

The majority of Canadians are more tentative, with 52 per cent saying it would depend on the technology and how well it works before they would make a decision.

In terms of geography, Western Canadians are the least likely to want the driverless car with Quebec and Ontario being the most enthusiastic.

There are also differences among age and gender. Almost twice as many males as females want driverless cars, and the younger demographic, age 18 to 34, are the most excited.

Fifty-one per cent believe there will be fewer accidents, and 61 per cent think the elimination of risks like speeding and drunk driving will be the among the best outcomes of driverless vehicles.