Ask the experts at ‘Ignite Your Venture’

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for community support and industry insights? In the world of the entrepreneur, collaboration is key and keeping up to speed on the most relevant vehicles to further propel your venture are of the utmost importance.  Microsoft Canada is launching a series of webcasts tailored towards helping start-ups & small businesses succeed. Jointly hosted by venture capitalists Intrepid Equity, topics will range from, finding the right funding with VCs, getting the right team, increasing profits & business lead generation and more.

Here’s what the event organizers have to say:

Reserve your spot in the live webcast series Ignite Your Venture in April. We will chat with industry experts about bringing ideas to life with a VC, finding the right people for the right team, helping increase profits, accelerate sales & business lead generation. Industry experts include New York Times best seller author, Randy Street & one of Canada’s venture capitalist firms, Intrepid Equity. Whether you are a new start up, established business or a business simply looking at new areas of opportunity – we will be chatting about what it means to become successful from start to end.

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