Atlantic Lottery Corporation Plans To Cash In On Mobile Gambling

ALCThe Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) is looking for new and exciting ways to separate you from your money.

Recently announced, The ALC will be optimizing their website for mobile use, and should be ready to play by spring 2012.  Initially flash-based, the website will only work correctly on Android phones, and newer Blackberry devices.  The choice to ignore the lucrative iPhone demographic is most likely due to the flash-based nature of their online game catalog.  Perhaps support will eventually arrive, but it would require significant investment.

Tracy Kenny, a spokeswoman for the ALC explains the strategy.  “We need to be more in line with the needs and wants of our players, and given that one in five Canadians owns a smartphone, it makes sense.”  According to the CBC, since 2005/2006 profits have dropped 6% and mobile gaming is an untapped resource to try and bolster their profits.  This news comes only months after the controvertial decision of the B.C. Lottery Corporation to create a mobile gambling app.

Peter McKenna, a political scientist at the University of Prince Edward Island, is not as excited about the ACL’s mobile strategy, and what it could mean for a younger, more technologically-savvy generation.  “We need to be concerned about what the social ramifications could be in terms of people’s lives.” explains McKenna, “It’s worrisome that they could be drawn into the cell phone use of the technology and develop a similar addiction which can lead to other stresses and strains in their lives and could lead to depression and even suicide.”

What are your opinions of moving lotteries to a mobile platform?