Atlee Clark Waves Goodbye to C100, Joins Shopify

The C100’s first employee is leaving the building.

Atlee Clark, the organization’s now-former executive director, has left for Shopify. She will be replaced by Joanne Fedeyko, who worked with the C100 previously as a marketing and sponsorship consultant. Clark’s role at Shopify will be to drive the growth of their developer ecosystem.

“I am excited to help drive the connection between Shopify and it’s third-party developer ecosystem to propel growth,” Clark told Techvives. “The vision of the C100 is to help build billion-dollar Canadian tech companies. I think it’s fitting that I am now joining one of those companies.”

Although Shopify is headquartered in Ottawa, Clark says she’ll be staying in San Francisco.

From her blog post:

The best part of leading the C100 has been the time I have spent with amazing founders and startup teams across Canada. For me, it’s a huge challenge and huge opportunity—and I can’t wait to get started. . . . Even though my time is done at the organization, my dedication to the C100 mission is far from over. There are many great people and entrepreneurs who need to get their stories and successes heard.

Clark joined the C100 in 2010. Read her farewell blog post here.