Attend Venture Northwest from the comfort of your own desk

Attend Venture Northwest from the comfort of your own desk

Venture Northwest is one of the premier opportunities for Silicon Forest startups to pitch their ideas in front of a room of would-be investors. Arguably, there’s no better regional event around here for gaining access to that type of crowd. It’s like DEMO or the TechCrunch 50 for the Pacific Northwest. For as good as the event is, however, it’s always suffered from one particular problem: you had to actually be there.

But now, thanks to the magic of streaming media and the wonderful world of the Web, anyone, anywhere can attend Venture Northwest virtually. Introducing Venture Northwest Live.

That’s right. If you’re a potential investor, startup curious—or you simply want access to an archive of all of the presentations that take place on October 29—you can purchase access to a stream and archive of Venture Northwest 2009 for $250.

Be in the front row without leaving your desk. The high quality broadcast will feature multi-camera production, presenter slide integration, and SMS voting. Online viewers will be able to log into the event for 30 days afterwards to catch up on what they missed live or wish to view again.

Who will you get to see? Well, 12 of the most promising young companies in the Northwest, for one thing—including five compelling Portland tech ventures. Folks like Advanced Inquiry Systems, Calidora Skin Systems, Cularis, Inc., DesignMedix, Doxo, Elemental Technologies, Giftango, Lucid Commerce, MicroGREEN Polymers Inc., Prolifiq, Second Porch, and Wicked Quick.

And as always, while I wish every presenter luck—and congratulate them for having the guts to get up in front of this crowd—I’ve not-so-secretly crossed my fingers that one of the tech folks will walk away the crowd favorite. And that all of them will be able to raise some capital.

For more information, visit Venture Northwest. Or, if you’re sold and want to attend, make the choice as to whether you’re attending in person for $495 or following along by the warm glow of your laptop with Venture Northwest Live for $250.