Place Furniture Perfectly in Your Room with Augmented Reality App

Buying furniture is seldom a simple task. It needs to fit, first of all, and it also needs to look good. Which aren’t always easy things to figure out when you’re in a furniture store and the room you’re furnishing isn’t.

A Halifax-based furniture store called Lighthouz aims to solve this problem. The company built a mobile app that leverages augmented reality so customers can move around furniture in their room.

See it in action in the video below.



“Some people are comfortable buying online, but for many seeing the furniture in person is critical,” explains store owner Denise Kroll. “That’s why we’ve complimented our online store and large showroom with this helpful app.”

According to Kroll, the furniture visualizations are perfectly scaled so consumers can be confident whether something will fit. The app also allows users to capture photos and videos of the furniture to share on social media and solicit opinions from friends and followers.