Augmented Reality Dev Camp next month in Toronto

Last year saw the rise of augmented reality with General Electric getting the ball rolling with their Smart Grid site. Then LEGO made it easier for kids to visualize what they would be building with all those bricks while browsing the toy store. Then at year end Esquire Magazine devoted the December issue to Augmented Reality featuring Robert Downey Jr. in an video clip which was covered by Mashable.

Are you a developer that has played around with it or are you just interested in seeing how it can be used?

On Saturday, February 27th there will be an Augmented Reality Dev Camp at the Ontario College of Art and Design from 10am to 5pm. It will be set up informally and is meant to be spontaneous and democratic. Anyone can give suggesltions, a demo or tell their own AR story. 

Go to their wiki page here for more information and if you want to be inspired or are just interested and want to attend you register here. They are offering this event as a pay as you wish and suggest a donation of $5 to cover their costs. See all you AR enthusiasts there!