Autodesk acquires Softimage, 3D dinosaurs to invade precisely designed homes

CAD champion Autodesk is set to buy Softimage, the Montreal-based company that powered the computers behind effects-laden films like Jurassic Park, the Star Wars prequels and many top video games, for 35 million dollars. Acquired by Avid, creators of the first non-linear editing suite (and still the dominant editing choice in the film industry), Softimage made efforts to gain a foothold in the games industry, but ran into limited support from Avid. Under the Auodesk deal, Softimage will continue to produce its flagship XSI software, and many of the components of Softimage’s products will make their way into other Autodesk applications. Autodesk previously purchased both Discreet Logic and Toronto-based Alias.

The Softimage announcement caused quite a flurry of commentary in the digital film community, and you can check out more about the acquisition here, along with an interview with Marc Stevens, GM of Softimage and Marc Petit, Sr. VP, Autodesk Media & Entertainment.