Automatic Oenophilia

Apart from the technical innovations in the vinification process that have allowed New World winemakers to carve out a significant portion of market share from Old World masters, technology rarely influences the enjoyment of a fine wine.

Sure designers will come up with an advanced wine glass or add a funky twist to cork removal devices, but when you open a bottle and pour a glass you generally want to leave the buzz of Blackberries behind to savour the blackberry and chocolate notes of a favourite Shiraz.

Well, for all you tippling techies the ultimate marriage of silicon and fermented grape has arrived. Enter the Enomatic.

Designed and marketed by two Tuscan entrepreneurs–Riccardo Gosi and Lorenzo Bencistà–the Enomatic is a machine designed to dispense wine directly from the bottle. The fully automated system portions out pours by the glass and uses inert gas to preserve the flavour and integrity of an open bottle of wine for more than three weeks.

The beauty of the system, apart from its sleek Italian styling, is the ability to extend the shelf life of an open bottle of wine, which in turn allows wine establishments to create extended wine by the glass or tasting menus using finer wines.

Enomatic Units come in 4, 8 or 16 bottle versions to create the perfect temperature controlled environment for your open wine cellar. With a price point starting at $5K for a 4 bottle unit, the Enomatic probably isn’t for your average oenophile. However, look for more restaurants and wine shops to start serving wine by the glass using this new pouring and wine management system.

Enomatic also offers a software/hardware configuration to provide inventory management, consumption and cost data analysis using real-time data. You can even connect the unit to a wine card system to develop a customer loyalty database for targeted marketing promotions.

If you wish to sample wine from the Enomatic system visit FireFly Fine Wines and Ales at 12th and Broadway. And for wine lovers don’t miss out on some upcoming Wine and Beer events. Check out the 2009 Wine and Beer Festival on March 14, 2009, and The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival running March 23 – 29, 2009.