Avatar Plans Tonight: Interactive Desktop Fun

Will people stand in line to get their very own copy of AVATAR in Blu-ray tomorrow?

Perhaps, it will be the few individuals who enthusiastically commented on my last post.

For the rest of us, there is a highly entertaining interactive desktop component that occupied about 45 minutes of my time and could potentially hold you over until tomorrow.

Upon downloading, the stunning images take over your desktop while placing all of your desktop icons into a separate consistently coloured screen. There is an Avatar news feed, Avatar official/hashtag twitter feed, the “I See You” soundtrack playing on repeat, and easily accessible links to all things Avatar scrolling on the bottom.

“Creating your own Avatar” appeared to be the most technical as it asked for a mugshot and then attempted to match your face to an Avatar face structure. You also had choices of face paint, jewellery and background. The end result portrayed a spinning Avatar-Me with the name “Hanajika”. The whole process taught me that I would be very ugly as an Avatar.

“Return to Pandora” utilized a webcam to position your face in scenes from the movie. I must admit the idea was neat yet it was kind of lame as I just saw my displeased face in a swirl of colour. Changing the scenery included my family room’s crown moulding beside the home tree. However, this could be due to my slower Internet connection.

Other Avatar fun includes Pandorapedia which has a word of the day; today’s word is: Great Leonopteryx.

For me, the desktop is a tad overwhelming and may heavily distract from my regular work functions. So I think I will keep a wallpaper and call it a day.

I do highly recommend playing around with it though, just to see the technical aspects of it. Let me know what you think. What does your Avatar look like? Did you have a better experience in Returning to Pandora?

Avatar Interactive Desktop