Axonify Sees Success Disrupting Traditional Learning Management System Solutions

Four out of five employees identifying Axonify-based learning solutions improve performance on the job.

According to the Waterloo startup’s annual customer employee survey, respondents indicate that they are significantly more knowledgeable, confident and effective in their jobs as a result of participating in regular learning through the Axonify e-learning platform.

“Understanding how Axonify is perceived on the front lines of learning is critical,” said Carol Leaman, Chief Executive Officer, Axonify. “To stay competitive and make sure we deliver on our promise to our customers, we need ongoing feedback from our users. Their responses are invaluable for ensuring the Axonify platform continues to foster a results-driven learning culture, in a fast, fun and effective way.”

80% said learning with Axonify has made me more knowledgeable. The same amount said they enjoy and recommend Axonify as an effective way to learn.

The high satisfaction rate with the Axonify e-learning platform is in contrast to published findings about how employees at various organizations feel towards traditional learning management system solutions. In a 2012 Brandon Hall Group webinar, a poll of attendees found 27% of respondents said their company’s employees hated their LMS.

This dissatisfaction also transfers to those who make LMS purchasing decisions. A Brandon Hall LMS Trends 2014: Satisfaction and Spending survey shows high customer dissatisfaction, with 47.7% of respondents indicating they are looking to leave their current LMS platform to move to a new provider. Similarly, results from a 2012 eLearning Guild survey show 31.5% of respondents were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their LMS product.