b5media Launches Business News Website – Bizzia.com

Toronto-based blog network b5media launched their second portal today – a business website called Bizzia.com, after the earlier release of Starked.com which covered entertainment news.

Bizzia brings together business-related content from about 30 b5media blogs. From the press release:

“Bizzia.com not only serves as a destination for users to get their fill of business news and advice, but provides a forum for intelligent discussion and reader engagement as well,” said Jeremy Wright, president and chief executive officer of b5media. “It will also continue to enhance the profile of b5media as a growing media company, and will allow b5media to compete with the mainstream media by offering authentic advice from a staff of knowledgeable writers and editors.”

This is a very effective way for b5media to package and promote the content from across their blog network. For a casual reader, its much easier to remember a catchy name like “bizzia” and an aggregating portal like it is a much easier gateway to a wide-range of views and opinions from several blogs. It also provides a good starting point for readers to get introduced to the individual blogs powering the content of the aggregated site.

It seems like a win-win situation for bloggers in the b5media network as well – as they can write their content once, and have the posts promoted individually, as part of their blog or now, as part of a separately promoted aggregated site as well. Kind of like Java’s tagline “Write once, run everywhere”!

I wonder what the trend for brand / blog loyalty is though compared to the rise of automated aggregators like Techmeme which focus mainly on individual posts (and treat the source as just another parameter in their algorithms). Any thoughts ?