b5media shares revenue numbers – How do you compare?

Last week Jeremy Wright of b5media shed a little light on how his company has managed to monetize their network of 300+ blogs and bloggers should take note. In a glowing Toronto Star article three days before Christmas, Wright broke down his traffic and revenue numbers and bloggers worldwide grabbed pencil & paper to work out what their blog could/should/would be making based on b5’s metrics.

Toronto-based blog network b5media boasts more than 300 blogs written by 200 professional writers. Each month it receives 30 million page views and 10 million unique visitors.

Those numbers mean revenue. Large numbers of visitors and page views mean b5media can charge more for advertising. And it’s been working out fairly well. In 2005, for instance, b5media brought in revenue of $70,342 and in 2007 that number had grown 1,798 per cent to $1,328,885. And it continues to grow.

Based on 2007’s revenue ($111K per month) and today’s pageviews (30 Million per month), b5 is monetizing well but not as well as some people might think will a CPM of approximately $3.70.

Any bloggers out there? How does your site compare?