b5media Unveils Entertainment News Portal – Starked.com

In advance of their participation in Blogworld this weekend in Las Vegas, b5media has launched a new online property called Starked. Starked will be powered by over 50 existing b5media blogs and be a one-stop portal for the latest celebrity gossip, television show reviews and music tips. Smart move b5media.

Starked covers themes such as celebrity gossip, TV show topics, music tips and movie reviews and is the first of b5media’s blog portals to go live. Bringing together the latest news coverage on breaking topics and popular entertainment discussions, Starked makes it easy to access the specific themes a reader is interested in, as well as discover unique featured entertainment stories.

“As one of the most prominent, successful channels in our network, entertainment was a natural choice for b5media to build a destination website for the constant flow of new information published on each individual blog,: said Jeremy Wright, President and CEO of b5media. “In the next few months, we will be launching more b5media portal websites while continuing to focus on developing high quality content and further network expansion.”

With Starked.com, b5media is offering a new way to explore their diverse entertainment content from one website while still maintaining a connection with the individual blogs for readers who want to read more.