Five Apps That Will Help Any Student Conquer Their Next School Semester

No student is going back to school this season without a smartphone in their pockets.

But more than just a toy for texting instead of paying attention in class, the smartphone can be a tool to help students perform better, on- and off-campus.

Here are some of our favourite apps for conquering your education.

1. Study Cal helps students organize their academic world by tracking assignments, calculating GPA, set reminders, and more.

2. Quizlet offers a few learning tools, including an app that lets students create virtual flashcards to study and share with classmates.

3. Coursesmart eTextbooks enables users to read thousands of textbooks digitally so you don’t have to lug the hefty physical versions around.

4. iHomework is a different take on Study Cal, an all-encompassing organization app that uses the cloud to sync across all your devices.

5. Learnist acts as a sort of social network for students, filled with great content for anyone working on their education.

Honourable mentions: don’t forget the basic staples like, Wikipedia, and Evernote—and keep your mind sharp between classes with Luminosity.

Some people dread going back to school. Others are thrilled by the prospect. We say it’s what you make of it. So make the most of school with these helpful apps, and get learning!

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