Bad Drivers Are Getting Shamed on Twitter

Distracted drivers in Halifax may become famous for all the wrong reasons.

@HFX_Drivers is a new Twitter account made by a Halifax man that has quickly gained nearly a thousand followers. The account is dedicated to photographing drivers who are texting, eating, applying makeup, or, perhaps ironically, tweeting.

Ever been really ticked at distracted/dangerous drivers? I’m a walking commuter and I see it all the time. I’m tweeting pics of it, tweet me your pics too!

This walking commuter has many photos up already, calling the drivers out for their “dangerous and illegal” behaviour.

While photgraphs aren’t generally enough for police to ticket drivers—the photo needs to be clear, the driver identified, and the photographer needs to testify—they might at least think twice knowing that their pics may appear online for all the world to see. And police can issue warnings if not a conviction.

It has been illegal for Nova Scotia drivers to use cellphones since 2008 and so far this year Halifax police have nabbed over 1,000 motorists for breaking the law. It is also illegal in most other provinces in the country.

And drivers arguing this type of photography is an invasion of privacy are wrong. A snapshot of a person in their car is well within the scope of law, particularly when it catches illegal activity.