Bad Restaurant Advice from Google

There were a number of presenters alluding to the importance of Mobile in the monetization and spread of digital media. Google talked about their new open mobile platform called Android which will essentially allow anyone to develop applications for mobile. I wished they would have talked about Open Social as that should prove to also be a bit of a revelation in social networking arena and of course because that’s my professional affiliation.

There was a general consensus that Google may rule the world soon. I anticipate that a sci-fi movie will be released shortly with a plot evolving around how a search engine became self aware and destroyed the world by sending people to bad restaurants through faulty searches. Anyway back to mobile. Terry Wills of Nordicity Group discussed some info we are all too painfully aware of. She was there to discuss the fact that Canadian rate plans are bankrupting us and the sad truth is the vicious circle that comprises the consumers, application developer and actual networks may not come to an end very soon…oh and that the rest of the world gets to use their phones for everything all the time and for cheaper!

In Japan it’s called Ketai culture and phones are used for everything from bus passes to monitoring the growth of digital jellyfish. Unfortunately for you Canadians, surfing the web via mobile to find a restaurant will still cost more than the actual meal. Although we will all be monitoring closely the opening up of the spectrum to competition in the near future. Fingers crossed –  iPhones in wait.