Banff Venture Forum Announces Investor and Author Tom Rand as Keynote Speaker

The Banff Venture Forum has announced its keynote speaker.

Tom Rand will keynote this year’s BVF. Rand is a venture capitalist, author, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and low-carbon evangelist. He wrote Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit and Waking the Frog.

Rand’s keynote is titled “Energy Incumbents and Cleantech: Investing in a Warmer World.”

“Climate disruption presents the most complex and daunting global challenge of the 21st century. That which has primarily driven the economic gains of the last 200 years – cheap and plentiful fossil fuels – now comes at an increasingly unbearable cost,” Rand explains. “Yet global energy demand continues to grow, as do investments in carbon-intensive energy sources. We must reconcile the need to power our global economy, yet mitigate impending climate catastrophe.”

His keynote session will be “a hard-hitting talk tackling head-on the fundamental economic questions of our times: Can fossil fuels remain at the head of the energy table? If not, how do we keep our global industrial economy humming – is clean energy up to the job?” It will also ask the question, “what’s the future role of the energy incumbents?” Rand will cover several topics, including economics, technology, and politics.

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