When Banking Execs Connect with Financial Technology Startups, Good Things Happen

When it comes to managing money, Canadian banks have enjoyed a long tradition of safety and predictability. But in today’s digital age, everything is changing – and the financial world is one of the industries most ripe for disruption. And whether as a disruptor or as an aid, tech is playing a key role in how our banks are evolving.

On Tuesday night, executives from Canada’s four largest chartered banks gathered at the Tannery Event Centre to discuss how financial tech – or FinTech – is shaping the future of banking.

The venue was packed, with over 330 in attendance. Financial professionals wore green lanyards while startups wore blue ones to facilitate easy connections. After a half-hour of networking, representatives from TD, Scotiabank, RBC and BMO took the stage for a panel discussion on the financial tech industry. Before the panel, the executives met with startup entrepreneurs from the Toronto-Waterloo corridor to discuss how technology could mitigate against challenges in the financial industry.

While startups may have industry-changing solutions, getting them to market is not easy. With banks becoming increasingly multi-faceted, banking executives recognize that finding ways for FinTech startups to get their solutions to the right people within Canada’s largest banking organizations is a challenge.

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