BarCamp Africa Comes to… Mountain View

Barcamp AfricaUsually the name of a BarCamp is an indication of the location of the event. But tomorrow, Saturday October 11, BarCamp Africa will be held not in Africa, but in Mountain View, CA.

BarCamp Africa brings people, institutions and enterprises interested in Africa – as a topic, an opportunity, or a place of action – together in one location to exchange ideas, build connections, re-frame perceptions and catalyze action that leads to positive involvement and mutual benefit between Silicon Valley and the continent of Africa.

Now, you could argue that this is a just a continuation of North America’s grand tradition of telling Africa what’s best for it, but the event is led massive cred by being held at the headquarters of the Internet, the Googleplex. It’s sold out, but you can follow along through Ustream, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, or blogs.