BarCamp Edmonton 1 Tomorrow

With over 100 people signed up and less than 20 spots left the excitement for BarCamp Edmonton has continued to grow. Taking place this Saturday (July 19) beginning at 10:00 BarCamp Edmonton will be a great opportunity to come out and meet some of the other people that are involved in Edmonton’s tech scene, and check out some of the cool things that they are working on. Come on out, meet some people, show something off, and join in.

If you would like to participate in, or check out, the online discussion we are asking everyone to tag any twitter, flickr, blog, or other posts with #BarCampYEG. You can follow this tag to see what’s going on, or post using this tag to let your thoughts be known.

For more information go to and if you are interested in attending, please sign up here.

I hope to see you there…