BattleSnake Challenges Developers to Code Artifical Intelligence Combat

For the third year in a row, Sendwithus is presenting BattleSnake, an opportunity for local students and developers to compete in an artificial intelligence programming competition for $2,500 in prizes.

It will be held at the University of Victoria on February 20 with 200 expected participants.

BattleSnake is a multiplayer version of the classic arcade game, Snake, where a pixelated snake moves around a grid eating food and scoring points; while avoiding its own tail. Sendwithus has built an AI platform to enable developers of various skills to write Snake AIs and battle against each for a prizes.

This year the startup is introducing two tournament brackets: a Beginner Bracket for novice programmers and first time attendees, and an Advanced Bracket for experienced programmers and BattleSnake veterans. The Advanced Bracket will contain new and challenging gameplay mechanics and award larger prizes.

Sendwithus was founded in 2013 in Victoria.