BC based Viviti launches new site, API integration, and more

Viviti provides a Content Management System for building websites. Recently, they launched a brand new website of their own, three new partner programs, and built in domain support. 

Creating a website on Viviti takes three minutes. You can drag and drop every feature you could possibly want, change themes, organize your layout, add pictures, etc. They offer components for twitter, facebook, flickr, last.fm, paypal shopping carts, and lots more. Making a site is actually fun!

Having only completed they’re beta development stage in March 2009, the Parksville, BC based company has helped tens of thousands of people create a home on the internet.

The true value Viviti offers is the ability to build a site while viewing it in real time, in the browser (no dashboard required). With Viviti, making changes to your web design doesn’t require loading new pages, or even reloading the one your on.

There new features add tonnes of value. By offering domain support, all of a users web needs can be handled in one location. Then, there’s the new partner programs.

There is the designer program which is tailor made to fit the needs of design studios by allowing them to easily provide their clients with a very easy to use CMS, while saving the studios a lot of implementation time on their designs.

The reseller program is best suited to companies wishing to re-brand Viviti and sell it to their customers from their own website as their very own website builder.

Companies can now provide the Viviti website builder to their customers by using a series of API calls to integrate the Viviti into their own user database, support, and billing system.

Features like these keep Viviti successful in a competitive CMS market (think WordPress, Ning). The reseller program is especially interesting. These affiliate-type features vastly increase the potential of a product to go viral.

Stuff is certainly happening at Viviti. Today they announced another new feature, built in video support. Check them out to experience CMS done right (read easy/fun).