BC Business Magazine 2.0

I don’t frequent the BC Business Magazine website but after seeing some inbound traffic from their site I figured it was worth a look. It turns out that they’re recommended the Techvibes blog in their Business Blog Resources section. As the official blog for Techvibes.com, this site offers a varied selection of quick-hit business and technology commentary. Great place to visit to stay in the know. Very kind words.

The magazine’s website has a slight Web 2.0 feel to it with their offline writers contibuting to a group blog and an online community forming on Facebook. Kind of surprising considering writer Tony Wanless’ tongue-in-cheek 2008 predictions

Yeah, well Web 2.0 this! B.C. Businesses will finally see through all the chatter, hype, and gibberish of the Web 2.0 evangelists and realize that it isn’t a revolutionary business model, but is mostly just a collection of useful communication tools that help create customer or stakeholder communities. Okay, this is B.C., so some businesses won’t get it. But enough will so that half of Yaletown and Gastown will be crying in their beer and talking about those crazy days of 2006-2007.

And Wanless’ prediction on the hot BC gaming industry doesn’t bode well for employment prospects in the Lower Mainland: 

Humongous Games & Media Inc. The electronic games industry, recently shocked by the merger between Vivendi’s Blizzard division and Activision, will undergo a spate of consolidation as really big media operations move into the high-growth space. The resulting giants – including Vancouver’s own Electronic Arts, which is bulking up in anticipation of a war – will become global players, hot-footing it to wherever they can get the most work done for the cheapest cost. And that’s not Vancouver.