BC Business on Vancouver’s Social Media Innovators – Fail?

In their April issue BC Business Magazine devoted a section to Technology & Innovation which includes a photo-rich article titled Vancouver’s Social Media Innovators.

Surprisingly, BC Business editors and writers weren’t involved in compiling the list and gave local photographers Nordica Photograghy carte blanche to come up with the list.

At that point, we were more or less given the freedom to compile a list of people who we felt should be in there, and just giver. We had one week to do this, we had no idea if anyone would even want to participate in the project and we more or less had no idea if we would get this done on time.

And here’s what they came up with:

  • Chris Breikss & John Blown
  • Stephen Jagger & Shane Gibson
  • Chuck McIntosh and Chris Irving
  • Gillian Shaw
  • Maura Rodgers & Danny Robinson
  • Kris Krug
  • Rebecca & John Bollwitt
  • Colleen Coplick
  • Darren Barefoot
  • Raul Pacheco
  • Hilary Henegar
  • Alex Lee-Behan & Jordan Behan
  • Monica Hamburg
  • Marc Smith

As is the case with lists of any kind, stuff gets overlooked and there are plenty of people complaining about this list and it’s complete lack of selection criteria.

What were the criteria to be included on this list – be freinds with the reporter?? Seriously, only a minority of those listed qualify by Twitter Rank or Influence. See for yourself: http://wefollow.com/city/vancouver_british_columbia Lazy, uninformed journalism.

Where was Japadog – they were covered by mashable and nyt for their use of social media. Atimi developed ATM Hunter which CNN named one of the best money app or Follow Formation who created list before list for twitter was even around.

A very incomplete list.

Some pretty big participants in Vancouver’s Social Media space are missing from this list. No mention of Hootsuite on the social media app side? Or some of the local agencies like RadarDDB (and their work with CTC) on the social marketing side? Incredible oversight for an article with this title.

So – who did they miss?